Moving Production in Wales – The Groundworks

As you will have seen in part one of our series of three blogs on relocating production in Wales & West factory from Abercarn to Ebbw Vale, there was a lot of work involved to get the new factory ready for the move. Our team had to do a fair amount of groundworks, including some careful demolition in advance of the move. Here are just a few examples of the work that was done in phase 2:

  • A brick shed building was demolished as it was no longer needed and was also detrimental to the storage needs of the business. A new perimeter fence was then required to surround the site for security.
  • A lot of earth on the new site needed to be moved to make way for the saw off cuts conveyor belt, a very large piece of machinery.
  • Our team needed to undertake huge amounts of groundworks to further the storage needs of the business. This extra storage was needed across the site in different areas.
  • We also had to bring in a local tree conservation department to the site to identify which trees could be moved.

The final stage of the move was to plan and implement complex machinery moves; watch out for next week’s blog to find out how this was tackled.

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