Every individually built new home is the result of exhaustive research and meticulous planning.

We know you don’t want to leave any detail to chance so we know you’ll want to consider metal web joists. Highly engineered using the latest technologies to provide a wide range of benefits over traditional joists, every metal web joist is individually made to measure for the most efficient results.

Metal web joists – the best choice for your new build home

Advantages of choosing metal web joists (also known as Ecojoists or SpaceJoists) include:

  • An open web system with almost uninterrupted access for the passage of services
  • 72mm wide flanges provide a large area for the fixing of floor deck and ceiling
  • Depths are compatible with solid joist sizes, so no need for expensive drawing changes
  • Joists are made to measure reducing on-site wastage
  • Minimal shrinkage or swelling for a quieter finish
  • Reduction or elimination of surface run pipework
  • Lightweight construction, metal web joists are around 40% lighter than equivalent solid joists – making for easier handling on site
  • Erected in approximately 50% of the time required for conventional joists
  • Long continuous spans make metal web joists ideal for flat roofs and can eliminate the need for intermediate support walls.
  • Compatible with under floor heating systems.
  • Designed to be compatible in size with solid timber sizes and brickwork.
  • Can be top chord supported – reducing the amount of metalwork required

Designed for quieter floors: Metal web joists can be designed to give a maximum deflection of just 2mm compared to 12mm on normal joists. 10mm doesn’t sound much, but can make all the difference between creaky floors and quiet, maintenance free floors.

Choosing metal web joists for your new build will help you create a quieter, more heat efficient home – and no more creaky floors.

Talk to our expert Design Team on 01933 297579 about how to incorporate metal web joists in your new build home for the best quality finish available.