Metal Web Joist Production Starting At RML West Midlands

Further to developments at Robinson Manufacturing’s North West and Wales & West sites, the West Midlands is also seeing new activity in an expansion of capacity for the business.

Metal web joist production will commence from the Wolverhampton based site, expanding its role as joist production hub for the business.

There are many benefits of bringing more metal web joist manufacture into RML West Midlands – not least that it gives the business the ability to cross train more colleagues on site. With more multi-skilled manpower, RML is able to improve production scalability.

It also facilitates optimisation of our transport strategy. Being able to send a complete order of trusses and joists together rather than from another one of our factories or to be able to simply send joists on a delivery already heading to the area required makes for a more common sense and efficient approach. There are also environmental benefits that come with this methodology.

Jamie Wilkins, Head of Floor Production made this comment on the newest move:

“Adding metal web joists to our production schedule makes sense from a business and customer perspective. As an agile business, it is great to see us increase both our capacity and efficiency in our operations. ”

Further updates will be available via the RML LinkedIn page.

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