Love your customer programme

In honour of valentine’s day, our new Customer Experience Supervisor Tracy Lappin has organised an interactive incentive programme for our employees called ‘Love your customer’. Aimed towards celebrating outstanding customer service, Tracy is recognising when our customer experience team have gone the extra mile.

Every day this week there has been a scheduled activity to get the team thinking about their achievements and some innovative improvements. From quizzes to puzzles, engagement has been heightened with some new ideas already put forward to improve the customer journey.

As Tracy has come from a customer service coaching background, she is extremely passionate about boosting employee morale. Through creating a positive atmosphere in the workplace, she believes this translates into any external communications and allows for better relationships with customers.

A significant level of encouragement can be gained from recognising employee achievements, so a segment of this week has been dedicated to good news stories. This involves the team sharing their previous messages of appreciation from customers, along with remembering examples of when our company values have been met.

These values (as shown below) are always at the forefront of how we operate and Tracy has done an excellent job in implementing them into everything the team does.

As well as the incentive exercises, Tracy is always one to treat the team with office decorations and food:  

With the team now commenting on how enjoyable the week has been and their eagerness to come into work the next day, it is clear Tracy’s programme has been a success. As she is an advocate of these incentive exercises, this is just the start of an exciting development for our customer experience team.

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