Live Chat Technical Support 

The live chat technical support feature on our website allows potential customers to access immediate support to help them make a purchasing decision.

Our live chat technical support option can be located at the bottom right of the website, and is monitored from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. The function helps customers and prospects communicate with us comfortable from wherever they are, whenever they need. to. We are able to provide immediate guidance and support on any enquiries or customer queries surrounding our products and services, whether it is for existing or potential projects.

Particularly popular with small builders, we find the live chat technical support facility gives that extra bit of support to customers looking to engage with our dedicated Customer Service team, with real time interaction. Whether it’s help with sourcing, navigating our website, product data or discussing whether we can meet their specific product needs within their timescales.

The most common enquiry we receive through our live chat technical support screen is the request for a quotation, as well as details of our turnaround and lead times. The chat feature allows us to respond to these enquiries immediately, establishing trust and support at that first point of contact. This almost always results in new business for Robinson Manufacturing.