What I’ve learnt at RML

These 5 months have flown by so fast, I have loved every minute of it. Coming out of school from doing my exams to coming straight to RML was terrifying but everyone here made such a warm welcome and I found myself fitting in straight away. As a business development apprentice, I am constantly on the phones to customers, as you’ve all probably heard as I am a bit of a chatter box.

What you have learnt so far about the world of work?

While working at RML I have learnt that we use a lot of spreadsheets, and I’ve learnt that everyone is willing to help, especially in different departments. I have also learnt that mistakes are sometimes made when you’re on the phone and you have to be patient and try to deal with them the best way you can with the rest of your team to help.

Things that have surprised you?

I was surprised at the way in which every department works as close as they do. Another good surprise was the great relationship you get with all the customers after a short period of time.

Every time I pick up the phone I don’t know what to expect or who to expect on the phone, so every day brings a different surprise!.

Things you have learnt personally about how work is different from school?

The biggest difference from school to work for me would have to be, you feel so much more satisfied at the end of the month knowing all your hard work has paid off and is not over looked. From school to work I didn’t really take a lot of my skills apart from ICT and Media, but since working at RML my geography of the UK has gotten a lot better!