We are please to have been awarded the order to supply trusses and joists to Kier Living’s new development at Fenstanton in Cambridgeshire.

Kier Living Development Fenstanton

The 86 unit housing development is in the heart of Fenstanton, once a large Dairy Crest facility, which was closed in January 2013.

The history of the site is a rich one – as well as being the site of the dairy that was a major employer in the village for many years, it was also once owned by 18th Century architect Lancelot Capability Brown, who bought it from Lord Northampton in 1767. Lancelot Brown became Lord of the Manor of Fenstanton and Hilton. Ownership of the property gave him the right to vote and conferred the social status of gentleman. It was also a sound business investment giving a regular income from rents and the farms, and as such would provide for the future security of his family. The estate, probably the only property he owned, included the early 17th century Manor House in Fenstanton, the handsome 18th century Manor Farm Houses in Fenstanton and in Hilton, and 1,080 hectares (2,668 acres) of land. The houses and farm buildings, including maltings and brewhouse, are identified in a Sun Fire Assurance policy that Brown took out in 1773.

It is thought unlikely that Brown ever lived in Fenstanton. He may have stayed at the Manor House briefly when he visited on business or on his way to other commissions around the country. Brown died in February 1783, before he had a chance to develop his estate or retire there.