Kickstart at RML

Robinson Manufacturing (RML) has taken on board the new Kickstart scheme designed to create employment opportunities for people aged between 16-24 and at risk of long term unemployment.

Through the scheme, we hope to identify some potential talent who would like to remain in the business as we continue to grow. And even for those who don’t stay with us past their six-month placement, we will have provided an opportunity for someone which might open a door for them elsewhere.

This all builds on the legacy of Tim Robinson, who founded the business in 1986. Tim set great store by giving people who were struggling to find their place in life the opportunity to learn a trade and build a career, and we still have people in the business who got their start thanks to Tim’s foresight.

Though we are now a much larger company than Tim had ever envisaged, this ethos remains and the Kickstart scheme is a great opportunity to continue this tradition by giving more young people a chance to get their foot on the ladder.

RML also has a long history of developing and promoting talent from within the business and the Kickstart scheme will be, for some of those who join us, a real long-term opportunity. 

Aside from that, Kickstart gives us a platform to generally grow peoples’ interest in RML as an employer. As an SME, we may never be top of someone’s list of who they ideally want to work for when they “grow up”. However the more involvement we have in the area of recruiting young people, whether that be through an apprentice, graduate or other route, the more we open the eyes of young people to the value of a career in this industry.

Placements are available in every area of our business, if you’d like to apply, you’ll need to contact your local Job Centre Plus.

If you have a development project you’d like to talk to our timber frame team about, email or call us on 01933 279597.