Offering a high-quality service is as much about how a business handles things that don’t always go according to plan as it is anything else. And like every business, while Robinson Manufacturing (RML) aims to satisfy customer needs in full and on time every time, occasional issues arise that need to be dealt with.


“The ability to capture any issues in the first instance is key,” according to Mat Harbour, Head of Technical Operations. “But just recording complaints or comments doesn’t necessarily put a business in a position where it can deal with issues arising effectively or stop issues recurring.”


Never a business to stand on its laurels, RML has been looking at ways to improve how we handle challenges still further and has put in place PRO, short for Process Refinement Opportunity.


PRO was developed to make sure every issue is captured and a resolution or fix put in place quickly, no matter how small the original challenge, and developing SLAs to ensure timely resolutions. It also includes processes that put feedback into the business, identifying the origin of an issue and putting in place training to make sure it doesn’t recur.


“Everyone in the business is able to use the PRO system to report something that isn’t quite right and is affecting either a customer or the smooth running of the business,” Mat further explained. “The small team responsible for PRO are responsible for ensuring that resolutions are delivered in a timely fashion and that steps are taken to prevent a recurrence.”


PRO has already shown to be very beneficial to RML and our customers in delivering against continuous improvement goals.

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