Joshua’s First Week – Starting Work

Starting work in your first full time job can be a bit worrying. I came in for an induction and had a funny feeling that I may have had the job of working with a kettle and pouring water into cups for coffee rather than working with any accounts. However it has definitely not turned out that way now that I find myself on my first day with a stack of paper on my desk and using the floor to spread out all the information from A-Z. I just hope they don’t lose me under a fort of paper. I had to make my first cup of coffee for Mark and Emma the other day and I feel that I may have made it too strong but they kept brave faces on so now I have no idea of how my coffee went down…… or up depending on how bad it was.

Now I am in my first week and I am currently working through the different types of areas I will be working through on a weekly basis. So far on my first week I have ran through many different areas of the business and I am starting to get use to many of the different suppliers the company is associated with. During my first week I have been getting used to working into the process of recording clock card information and how they must be recorded very specifically to allow people to gain their wages for each working week. Now I have been introduced to the use of invoices and credit notes. I am being shown by Mark Rolf and Emma Richardson how to record these appropriately into Sage. I have found this rather interesting as there are many set protocols for different types of invoices and how to categorise them correctly for each of them to balance out.

I have also had the chance to work with filing for the company to allow them to make an upgrade into having all the information scanned categorically and then input onto a disk which will contain all the copies of the different types of data they have stored away and tidy up the crammed shelves to allow for more space and have all their future invoices recorded by computers for their advance into modern day technology. I feel that in my first week I have learned more about roofing in one week working here than I have in my entire life.

Overall I feel that I have been welcomed into this brilliant company with open arms and the people here are all great smiling and happy people that I am looking forward to getting to know even better in the future.