Joists for Standardised House Types


With our manufacturing sites based across the UK, Robinson Manufacturing work with a wide range of large housebuilders to supply their developments nationally. As we become a trusted supplier and build working relationships with these customers, methods are used to make the customer journey as smooth as possible for each repeat order. We work with customers and their housing details to produce trusses and joists for their standardised house types.

National housebuilders use industry leading designs to make durable and modern homes in line with current trends, meaning that some house types are replicated across multiple developments and regions. For this reason, we are able to create joist or truss designs that compliment a house type and can be referred back to for other homes in a collection.

As a supplier, we aim to ensure that our arrangement with customers best suits their needs. We keep consistent communication with our national housebuilder customers to apply standardised house types across multiple developments and assist with future projects. This is beneficial for housebuilders to ensure efficiency in their supply chain and create a uniform design plan, which is both cost effective and allows for simple installation.

Along with the architects’s drawings, our design team receive a specification sheet for details that need to be taken into consideration to suit the house type. In regards to a recent housing collection we have completed design work for, all pipe work has been requested to sit below the floor with 600mm wide pluming voids. Partition noggins have been requested, in line with joists inside the voids to continue supporting the chipboard.

Our Joist Design Team Leader Jenny Powell has worked with this group’s technical team to ensure the designs will work well on site, whilst staying cost effective.

If you have a development project you’d like to talk to our timber frame team about, email or call us on 01933 279597.