​Joist Design Team Leader Jenny Powell

Jenny Powell has been a senior member of the joist design team for some years so promotion to the Team Leader position was a natural progression.

A few months in, Sarah Horden, Head of Design, has no regrets about the move: “Jenny has a very nurturing side and has trained and help train many designers in the past and also has very good communication skills with all the team. Her ability to take over aspects of the role from myself has enabled Jenny to take more responsibility and at the same time freeing up some of my time to concentrate and focus on other matters.”

Jenny has so far enjoyed the new role with a team that works well together and supports her along the way: “Even though we do not all work together in one place we are all very connected. I enjoy helping the newer members of our team as well as making sure all the team have all the tools and info to do their jobs to the high standards expected at Robinson Manufacturing.”

Jenny has recently been on a Team Leader Workshop course which has helped her to build her team management skills further and given her chance to meet other team leaders from across the RML group, many of whom are based at other sites. She commented: “It was helpful for me to hear what other more experienced managers would do in certain situations. Training in better understanding how to help people in difficult situations as well as tips to help us to work well as a group are both things I have taken back into my team to help us improve still further.”

Looking back on when Jenny first joined the team, Sarah remembers: “It has been nice to see Jenny progress over the years and grow as a designer and also a leader of the future.”

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