Joining teams at Flooring Midlands


Since the initial acquisition of ETFS from National Hickman at the start of 2019, we have been continuously striving to make new employees feel at home and joining teams has been a key priority. We have made great progress in the last year and received many comments from former ETFS employees around how much they enjoy their roles with a new management style, along with how RML have made them feel at home. 

However, with many new staff added to the business during the changeover, we are always looking for opportunities to optimise communication between teams. Wolverhampton has our largest proportion of production employees, in addition to housing our Customer Experience Team who are essential in our customer’s journey. 

With the importance of these two teams comes the need for strong communication to interlink production with customer interaction. For this reason, the decision has been made to move some of our Production Team to work from the same office as the Customer Experience Team. Head of Joist Production in the Midlands Jamie Wilkins explains the motivation for the change below:

‘The motivation in placing everyone under one roof was to improve the speed of response into our customers. Face to face interaction with the Customer Experience Team helps capture all the information more quickly, and without confusion.’

The Production Team who have joined our Customer Experience Team consist of Lee Woodall and Stuart Finch – whose roles include the forward planning of potential joist loads. In addition, Martin Webb now also runs the optimisation of loads and drives factory efficiencies through the new office.

Since the move has taken place the production team have benefited from an all-round appreciation of what is needed internally to allow our deliveries to run on schedule. This insight into colleague’s roles has therefore meant an improved bond between the two teams as the everyday tasks of their jobs are better understood.

Furthermore, this has allowed us to improve lead times to customers, without jeopardising dates already communicated to other sites. These positive developments are already making a difference to our capabilities and customer experience so we are looking forward to seeing how this will progress into the future.

If you have a development project you’d like to talk to our timber frame team about, email or call us on 01933 279597.