JJI Joists Questions & Answers

JJI JoistWhat is a JJI Joist?

A JJI Joist is a structually engineered timber joist, combining high-grade softwood flanges, with an engineered composite panel web.

Can JJI Joists be used in the construction of roofs?

JJI Joists can be used in the design of both flat and pitched roofs.

What fire protection do JJI Joists offer?

JJI Joists offer a variety of methods of achieving both 30 minute and 60 minute fire protection. Fire tests were carried out by Chiltern International Fire and certificates can be downloaded from the JJI website.

What about fire?

Like all timber based floor systems JJI Joists relies on the plasterboard fixed to its underside for the majority of its fire resistance. Generally speaking, 15mm plasterboard with a skim coat of plaster or artex will provide the modified 30-minute fire resistance required for domestic first floors.

Can I use JJI Joists in floors to meet ‘Part E’ for flats?

JJI-Joists can be used in both intermediate and separating floors that comply with Building Regulation requirements for Resistance to the Passage of Sound (Part E) provided appropriate detailing is used.