Jsocial housingarvis Contracting is closely involved with the social housing sector, and has built hundreds of homes for housing associations, local authorities and private companies. We are delighted to be working with Jarvis to provide the following:

  • Flat roof Ecojoists designed to a 1.5 Degree pitch.
  • Additional loadings for green roof system and solar panels, where solar panels are present they replace the green roof system. Since the green roof system is heavier than the solar panels the green roof load was applied to the entire roof. The dead load as specified by the customer is 2250N/m2 with a 750 N/m2 snow load.
  • Additional loadings for allowed for a man safe system to be installed (20KN Horizontal Load Applied to Man safe Anchor Locations)
  • Openings were allowed for roof access, a roof light and a lift overrun.
  • Joists are supported on a timber wall bearer (that was already fixed to the inner skin of blockwork by the customer) using timber to timber hangers.

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