ITSSAR Forklift Instructor Training

Matt Davies, Head of HSEQ, has completed the ITSSAR forklift instructor training.

This means he can now deliver training on safely operating both a Counterbalance and Side loader forklift truck. Due to Matt’s pre-existing teaching qualifications, he was able to complete the traditionally 10-day course in just 5 days.

Training for use of the machines can now be delivered in a timely fashion with no requirement for third party involvement. It is an agile approach that not only makes business operations more efficient, but also provides opportunities for staff development.

Matt can now offer refresher training for any colleagues who need to be updated on safe usage of the applicable trucks on site. He can also withdraw authorisation to use machinery if a colleague is repeatedly failing to meet the required safety standards set out during the course.

Robinson Manufacturing (RML) Managing Director, Mark Smy, was the first person to benefit from Matt’s tutoring. The qualification provided the opportunity for Mark to renew his current side loader lift truck certificate, and he had this piece of feedback:

“Matt has a natural down to earth demeanour and ability to take what he has learnt and make it relevant to our business. This made renewing my certificate with him both a smooth and engaging process. This qualification has put a formal label to the work Matt has done to develop himself to the point he can share the knowledge out to the wider company. He embodies the value RML place on Health and Safety processes, and the wellbeing of our colleagues.”

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