Investment in Onsite Recycling

new-shredderRobinson Manufacturing is delighted to announce that a recent investment in Onsite Recycling equipment has reduced the amount of wood offcuts sent to landfill to zero.

The £40K investment in a DRAGON D80 Shredder, designed and installed by Dragon Machinery of Wales means that the business now has the capacity to shred all waste wood onsite. The shredded wood feeds the company’s biomass generator, and the additional 15% of waste wood which we previously could not shred can now be effectively recycled and totally eliminates the need for any timber disposal off site

The move to increase onsite recycling represents a reduction in landfill waste of around 40 tonnes a year.

The shredding capacity of the new equipment – all of which now goes to biomass is approx. 300-350kg per hour or about 8m3 per day. It is also capable of shredding waste cardboard and paper etc.

“This investment is a further sign of our commitment to running our business with minimum impact on the environment,” commented Tim Robinson, Chairman of Robinson Manufacturing. “We are very proud of our efforts to protect the environment and will continue to invest for the future.”