International Design with SIPS UK

Having built a long-standing partnership with SIPS UK, Robinson Manufacturing supplied joists to their latest Holland-based project.

Design of the 25-unit holiday home development commenced in August 2020, with Metal Web Joist Designer, Kriss Lawley, managing the process. The final delivery of the product followed in April 2021.

As this project was on an international scale, Kriss maintained customer communication with frequent visits to the SIPS UK factory in Northampton. He also worked with Reggie from SIPS UK to agree the designs and coordinate efforts with their European counterparts. 3D designs from the project pictured below demonstrate the scale of the works involved.

On the opportunity to work on this project, Kriss shared his thoughts:

“My favourite part of the whole process was the flow of communication I had with the customer, as we were always on the end of an email or phone call should we need each other. It has also been exciting to be part of an international project, and I look forward to collaborating more with the SIPS UK team moving forward.”

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