Inspiring, innovating & delivering to our colleagues

Robinson Manufacturing’s company values, to inspire, innovate and deliver, have never been more important, even when the factories had to be shut for five weeks. Maintaining strong communication with customers has obviously been key to our current recovery, but we knew we also needed to make sure our people were OK throughout. Stuck at home, either working from home or furloughed, it was clear our teams would need to understand what was happening to the business through this very difficult time.

As RML’s phased return to work continues, we’ve just run a short temperature-test survey of our workforce, and the 94% response rate alone was a great indication that our innovative daily staff engagement programme through lockdown has been doing its job!

Staff will not have judged the company on its Lockdown response alone, however. The fact that 85% of staff are actively proud to work for the business is also indicative of pre-existing strong relationships between the business and its employees, inspired in turn by its family ethos.

The strengths of our management team are also recognised by staff across the business, with 83% considering them to be great role models and similar proportions acknowledging that they have access to the things they need to do their jobs well.

Simon Kidney, CEO, believes one of the most important questions was the last one, ‘how do you feel?’: “Surrounded by uncertainty, we’ve known anecdotally how important our daily contact has been to our staff as they have been stuck at home and away from their colleagues,” he explained. “At a time where the media bombard us with stories about anxiety and poor mental health, I’m very encouraged to see that 82% of RML employees are feeling positive.”

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