Insane Terrain 2016 – by Matt Harbour, Head of Production, Wellingborough

mudrun 1When Jo Parr originally asked us all for suggestions of how we might raise some money for RML’s chosen charities, I must admit I liked the idea of a sponsored silence rather more than any of the other more energetic suggestions.

Needless to say that my hopes we dashed somewhat when Insane Terrain was the chosen event.

Neither the Insane or Terrain part conjured up images of a relaxing Sunday morning.September 24th soon came around and Matt Korny, James Ball, Joe Roberts, David Caldwell, Mark Gibson, Jo Parr, James Evans and yours truly arrived at Washbrook Farm in Doddington.

Full athletic preparation had been completed including carb loading the night before, some of which may have come mixed with barley and hops…we were ready!

We joined the masses in Wave 5 ready for release on to the track at 11:00.  A quick guided warm up and we were off!The organisers must have been very keen to ensure that we were under no illusion as to the main objective of the event as rounding the first corner we were met with a mountain (I’m from the Fens, anything as higher than a speed hump is often referred to as landmark) and a cold, brown pond to wade through.

Mark was keen to lead the way through the swamp and it was off on the run to the next obstacles!

In all we tackled black smelly ditches, tall stacks of straw bales, tunnels, balance beams, tyres, slippery mud, more smelly ditches and even more running.  After the 10km course it was down a long inflatable waterslide into a dangerously under-filled pool and across the finish line to receive our medals and a well-deserved bottle of water, which again might have been mixed with barley and hops. Cheers!

In all we raised £560 in sponsorship for our charities and all of us had a heck of a lot of fun doing it.  It will certainly be appearing on the RML calendar for next year.

Mark Gibson & Matt Korny start to enjoy the course

Mark Gibson & Matt Korny start to enjoy the course