An Innovative I-Beam supply project for Ecofast Systems/Group Hug


We are pleased to be supplying our I-Beams for an innovative way of building, aimed at providing truly affordable solutions for emergency housing. ‘Group Hug’ are pioneering a new way of building as a result of increasing demand for the vulnerable – An ‘EcoFast modular frame system’ constructed from engineered timber products.

Group Hug produces adaptable, modular homes which meet organisations needs for immediate and scalable housing solutions. As well as being affordable from only £42,000 per home, the homes are fully fitted and transportable to provide housing relief for organisations.

Using timber products, Hug units focus on the speed of construction to meet demand and are able to build foundations through simple bolt together connections. Joists are then added into frames as can be seen below with their building process:

Overseen by our Key Accounts Manager Jason Dorks, we have made our first delivery of I-Beams to EcoFast System’s workshop in Swindon.

With the combination of off-site manufacture and on-site assembly, the Hug Group have also implemented a new programme to offer young people a start in their construction career after leaving school with no qualifications. In addition to helping groups of people that are in need of affordable homes, this career assistance for young people is part of the group’s social impact values.

From being a part of the supply chain for unique projects such as this with values that mirror our own, we support the innovative solutions that are being introduced to the construction industry.

To see more examples of Ecofast System’s various projects, visit their website.

If you have a development project you’d like to talk to our timber frame team about, email or call us on 01933 279597.