Improving our Induction and Onboarding Process

In line with Robinson Manufacturing’s company values, we are always challenging ourselves to evaluate our internal processes and practices to make sure we are the best that we can be.

Thorough evaluation helps us identify and implement improvements. One area of focus for us at the minute is our company induction and onboarding process; investing time and resources in to selecting and recruiting the right high calibre candidates for the business is just the first step.

We recognise the importance our company history and core values have on our company culture and we want to ensure that this is embedded in our new recruits from day one.

We also understand how important it is for new starters joining the company to feel apart of the family and this gives them their greatest chance of success in their role.

It is not only important for them to understand their role and responsibilities, but the aim of all the departments and how these fit together to deliver excellent service to our customers.

The induction process is ongoing and supports employees through their first few months in their role to understand what is expected of them. We plan to review the process it in two parts; one element of generic content that helps to communicate the values and behaviours we expect and company rules, policies and procedures and health and safety responsibilities. The other element will be tailored to include specific departmental information, and may vary dependent on the level of experience the employee has.

Taking these broad thoughts into consideration, the next step is to seek feedback and ideas from employees at different levels within the company with varying lengths of service to give us a diverse range of opinions to draw upon. We can then shape an induction process that is well considered and truly reflects the culture and values of RML.