Impact of MMC on the Delivery of Homes

Lack of progress in housebuilding productivity is considered by Government & Homes England to be the biggest barrier to delivering on the target of 300K new homes/year.

The House of Commons Select Committee report into MMC recognises that significant use of different MMC types is the only way to deliver that target.

Barriers to using take up of MMC are understood to be the lack of scientifically measured evidence of productivity benefits, and Robinson Manufacturing (RML) welcomes government commissioned research to establish a robust data set on the construction of homes using MMCs.

“Adoption of a range of modern methods of construction should prove to be a game changer for UK housebuilders,” observed RML’s CEO Simon Kidney. “Having scientifically researched data sets to prove the case for profitable factory-built construction components such as timber frame, which offer such a range of benefits, should help the sector reach that critical turning point. Efficiency, cost, environmental impact, speed, safety, waste reduction and energy performance – it is quite possible that this Homes England led research will be the beginning of the end for traditional build techniques in the mass market, and should certainly make the 300K new houses a year target more achievable.”

The outputs of the research will be collated on a custom data collection platform, developed to ensure quality, consistency.

Building on the CLC Smart Construction Dashboard model (example attached) this long term project will include additional measurables around factory-based activity as well as user satisfaction and maintenance. These will be recorded on a custom data collection platform to ensure quality, consistency and to prevent duplication.

This is a long-term project which has moved into the data collection stage; the team intend to report on annually.




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Released 5th March 2021

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