Impact of Home Working on Roof Design

Since the early days of the pandemic, the impact of home working on roof design has been noticed by the Design team at RML, who have been seeing more demand for trusses and attic trusses from small builders and individuals as a larger number of people have been looking to extend their homes to create additional living and working space.

While some have opted for garden rooms and cabins and other remain happy working on the kitchen table, one of the most popular home others have decided to turn the dormant space above them into additional floor space, often using permitted development rules rather than needing planning permission.

Head of Technical Operations Mat Harbour is already seeing this ‘room in the roof’ trend becoming far more of a feature in many new builds:. “For regional and national builders, RML is starting to see plans for more attic trusses in new house types planned for future builds. While many larger builders were already using attic trusses and offering home offices within existing house designs in their more upmarket ranges, we expect these to become more standard.”

As this photo shows, the attic truss is becoming more of a common sight on the trucks leaving RML’s yards for sites across the country, a trend we expect to continue as housebuilders of all sizes plan usable loft space into their build programmes.

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Impact of Home Working on Roof Design

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