HR Systems Go!

Head of HR, Anna Kennedy, with the support of her team, have now rolled out the new digital HR system which has been in development this year to all staff. 

‘Youmanage’ gives RML the HR tools to find the links between business performance and workforce trends by providing real-time insight into employee metrics. It gives HR a holistic view of how managers are managing their teams in the business and ensures that processes are completed systematically and consistently. It also enables the HR team to better support managers through integrated toolkits and automatic reminders to provide updates in a timely manner. 

Managers now have a system where they can have quick access to key HR-related data and take ownership of people processes without having to contact different departments. ‘Youmanage’ allows managers to view if their teams are available, get up to date contact information and digitally approve employee holiday. Managers can also boost team performance by using ‘Youmanage’ to build development plans, track aims, and address performance issues.

All employees have access to the new HR digital self-service system and can to input and update their personal information instantly. RML employees can also request time off, report absences or request to speak to members of staff.

Head of HR, Anna Kennedy, is thrilled with the system:

“The HR team have been using the system on a daily basis and it has already become an integral tool to manage data.  Having up to date visibility of detailed information improves our ability to advise managers and has already brought efficiency benefits to the business,” Anna continued: “The system has already helped us to streamline the support the HR team is able to offer managers across the business. We have invested a lot of time inputting the data and delivering training to ensure a successful implementation and smooth transition as we roll out the self-service portal to all staff, and we look forward to further benefits it will offer as we introduce additional modules as it embeds.”

The implementation process has involved:

  • Ensuring all the data in the system is checked and that reporting lines are correct
  • Activating manager accounts and providing training in small groups
  • Developing a user guide to compliment the training and offer instructions to employees
  • Regular communication to the business via monthly newsletters to keep them informed
  • Emails to all staff before the launch to encourage participation
  • Uploading information and user guides onto the RML intranet

The launch to staff has gone smoothly and while we anticipate some may need a little additional help as the system is bedded in, feedback has been positive, managers have engaged with the system and the information it provides, which gives them the tools to manage their teams more effectively.

‘Youmanage’ can be customised to allow access to different areas of the platform and ensure that personal details are kept secure. Access for all employees means that the platform can be utilised in different departments. For example, ‘Youmanage’ can store digital certificates and online training records which means HSEQ can utilise the platform to monitor gaps in training or identifying if a certificate may expire and needs renewing.

Investing in ‘Youmanage’ provides a complete HR portal that supports RML’s high-performance culture and provide employees with the HR support they need quickly.

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