High Specification Timber Frame Project

Robinson Manufacturing (RML) will soon be supplying open panels, joists and roof materials to a site in Greater Manchester, and yesterday we made our initial survey visit with our site installation team.

The site – see photo – is just off Compstall Road in the town of Romiley, near Stockport, where an existing bungalow has been knocked down, making space for two new high specification timber frame houses. The plot is an attractive one, dropping down a hill at the back to a small stream.

The two houses will be constructed using timber frame walls and metal web floor joists with roof joists designed to form an attractive vaulted ceiling.

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MHVR) systems will be used in the houses, making metal web the ideal solution, avoiding having to cut into the joists to accommodate the system.

Levelling of the site will start this week as the client, HAR Property Services, starts work on providing the required hard-standing ground.

Final design work by Robinson Manufacturing’s timber frame and design teams is ongoing and we anticipate manufacturing will begin in May.

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