If you’ve been following our news for the last couple of years, you’ll already know that Robinson Manufacturing is growing, expanding our customer base and even adding new manufacturing capabilities.

Head Office has also been growing with the addition of a number of additional specialists in transport, H&S, HR and customer service.

Pressure of space as our headcount increases has prompted a long hard look at how we use the available space at our main Wellingborough site, and as a result we have put in place a refurbishment and internal relocation programme which will result in a better working environment all round. These works are in progress, indeed some elements are already completed.

  • The Head Office site also houses our main roof truss factory, and as a result of opening up space in a building only previously used for storage, factory staff now have a bigger, more comfortable canteen.
  • The company’s main product office, which was becoming very cramped, has moved into a larger, brighter space with room for further expansion. This has direct access to the factory to put them closer to the shop floor.
  • The removal of a number of partition walls in the main building has created an much larger, open plan office for our estimating, customer service and sales teams, as well as a more welcoming customer reception area will also result.
  • Finance, HR, Transport and Risk Management will all be sited upstairs in the old design office where there are fewer distractions.

The refurbishment has also given us the opportunity to make improvements to our energy efficient, replacing age-old strip lighting with energy efficient (and significantly better looking!) LED panels.

It’s not just the buildings we are changing; we have also invested in new state of the art computers with much improved processing power to improve productivity.

All in all, a positive start to the year as we begin to hit goals that we have set for the rest of 2018 at Robinson Manufacturing Ltd.