Driving more efficient and greener deliveries

The route planning functionality of new tracking technology installed by Robinson Manufacturing’s operations team will play a big part in meeting our commitment to reducing the impact of our business on the environment by driving more efficient and greener deliveries.

Running our own distribution fleet has always helped us to maintain our high service levels. Our FORS accreditation is a great way for the business to focus on the effectiveness of our fleet operation.

But there’s always room for improvement. This investment will drive further improvements in our delivery service; operational staff will have real time overview of vehicle locations to assist with customer communication and helping drivers avoid time wasted in heavy traffic.

“In environmental terms, route planning functionality will reduce the fuel we use running our fleet by up to 10%,” commented Finance Director Mark Rolf. “Combined with our recent investment in reducing wood waste sent to landfill to zero, it’s clear Robinson Manufacturing is serious about reducing its environmental footprint.”