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Glulam Beams

Robinson Manufacturing are experienced suppliers of glulam beams. One of the strongest structural materials available today, Glulam beams are easy to use, durable and fire resistant.

When designing roofs or floors, glulam is a cost effective alternative to steel, thus providing a complete timber solution from just one supplier.

Get a Glulam Beam Estimate

Enter your dimensions in metres in the calculator below to obtain an estimate for your Glulam Beam Requirements. Please note, all dimensions should be entered in metres, e.g. for a Glulam measuring 90mm x 315mm x 3100mm, enter W0.09 x H0.315 x L3.1

Prices are based on collection from our yard; delivery prices are available on request.


Immediate Availability on Stock Sizes

Robinson Manufacturing offer immediate availability on all stock sizes – all other sizes 14-21 days. We keep 9 sections in stock ready to be cut to your requirements. All other sizes are subject to a 14 to 21 day lead time.

Glulam Beams (GL24c)

90 x 253

90 x 270

90 x 315

90 x 360

90 x 405

115 x 405

140 x 225

Glulam Rimboard (GL24h)

45 x 253

45 x 302

If you have any questions or to place an order, please email sales@rmuk.co.uk, or call our team on 01933 279597.

What is a Glulam Beam?

A glulam beam is a type of structural engineered timber product comprising of a number of layers of dimensioned timber bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant structural adhesives.

By laminating a number of smaller pieces of timber, a single large, strong, structural member is manufactured from smaller pieces. These structural members are used as vertical columns or horizontal beams, as well as curved, arched shapes. Glulam beams are readily produced in curved shapes and are available in a range of species and appearance characteristics to meet varied end-use requirements. Connections are usually made with bolts or plain steel dowels and steel plates.

Glulam beams optimise the structural values of a renewable resource – wood. Because of their composition, large glulam members can be manufactured from a variety of smaller trees harvested from second- and third-growth forests and plantations. Glulam beams provide the strength and versatility of large wood members without relying on the old growth-dependent solid-sawn timbers. It reduces the overall amount of wood used when compared to solid sawn timbers by diminishing the negative impact of knots and other small defects in each component board.

Glulam beams are two-thirds the weight of steel and one sixth the weight of concrete – the embodied energy to produce it is six times less than the same suitable strength of steel. Glulam beams can be manufactured to a variety of straight and curved configurations so it offers architects artistic freedom without sacrificing structural requirements. Wood has a greater tensile strength relative to steel – two times on a strength-to-weight basis – and has a greater compressive resistance strength than concrete. The high strength and stiffness of laminated timbers enable glulam beams and arches to span large distances without intermediate columns, allowing more design flexibility than with traditional timber construction. The size is limited only by transportation and handling constraints.