Giving Our Senior Leaders the Sporting Edge

Since Robinson Manufacturing (RML) changed hands in an MBO four years ago, the business has changed dramatically in scale. Starting from a base of three factories in the East and East Midlands, RML now operates from eight factories nationwide.

This level of growth – achieved both organically as well as through acquisition – comes with its own challenges for the company’s senior leadership team. The team comprises managers from the original RML as well as from ETFS, the joist manufacturing arm of National Hickman, which became part of our group in January this year.

“Far from finishing our journey, there’s plenty of future growth in our sights,” explained Simon Kidney, Robinson Manufacturing’s CEO, when talking about his decision to engage the services of Sporting Edge to support the leadership team’s journey as the business expands. “I chose The Winning Mindset for Leaders programme for its ability to help RML’s top team to think about how they perform their roles, as well as the consequences of doing things differently.”

Run by Jeremy Snape, former England cricketer and now performance coach, The Winning Mindset for Leaders provides expert insights from some of the world’s most successful leaders. Their stories of success and failure are designed to inspire people to transform the way they lead themselves and others. Delivered in powerful bite-sized videos, insights showcase the strategies they used to deliver high performance time after time.

The team have now completed their twelve week programme, and Simon is pleased with the output: “We place many challenges in front of our teams and they have always met those challenges head on. The tools they have learnt from The Winning Mindset for Leaders and the insights they have gained into the minds of champions, are starting to become evident as we continue our journey. I am starting to see team members demonstrate both the willingness and ability to think and act differently when faced with challenges and I am confident this development will benefit the individuals as well as our business.”

Some of the feedback from the those who have taken the programme, includes:

  • It’s a good tool for thought and change provocation, looking at the status quo and being able to apply different techniques to improve and develop.
  • A varied range of helpful topics, not only topics, however, examples of experiences within those. It’s easy to highlight what may work, or does work, however seeing and hearing them in action with positive responses helps focus when best to utilise new skills personally.
  • Simply, there isn’t a piece of content (100% relevant to you or not) that you cannot learn from in some way. Whether that is to utilise it yourself, teach others, learn from for the future or to pass on to my team. No matter what role you are in, all roles are hoping to aid the bigger picture, the team; and ultimately the success of the company you work for.
  • The content was superb and the insights were very thought provoking. The weekly introductions gave great context to what would follow and helped you to extract relevant information based on your own individual leadership style.
  • No matter what industry you work in we all seem to have the same issues, this has opened my eyes and I believe it has improved me as a person as well as a team leader, you need to be aware of your own actions around the people you lead and this has certainly helped me recognise this.
  • It has such vast breadth that anyone could gain from undertaking the course.