Redefining Gender Balance in UK Construction

As Professor Noble Francis (Economics Director at the CPA & Honorary Professor at the Bartlett School of Construction of Project Management, UCL) publishes updated research demonstrating that female employment accounted for 14.8% of total construction employment in the UK in 2020 Q3, Robinson Manufacturing is proud to be leading the field by closing the gap across the business.

RML’s  work to improve the gender balance over the last five years has resulted in impressive shifts against industry averages at all levels:



Industry Ave.
  f m f


Managers and Directors


59% 17%


Sales & Other services


36% 53%


Professional and Technical


74% 22%


Admin and Secretarial


0% 79%


CEO Simon Kidney is particularly proud of the achievement: “When I became involved in the business five years ago, RML was – as is typical for the industry – led by an exclusively male management team. Coming from financial sector, I knew the value that a more diverse leadership team could add to the business, so I have made it my mission to drive a more equal gender balance at all levels. We continue to work hard to ensure our working environment is an attractive and welcoming place to work regardless of gender. This is reflected in teams across the business, which is all the stronger for it. We value the diversity of our staff and are committed to providing a fair, equitable and mutually supportive environment for all our employees.”

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