Women in UK Construction

According to Professor Noble Francis (Economics Director at the CPA & Honorary Professor at the Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction, UCL), women accounted for 14.4% of the UK construction workforce in 2021 Q2 but it varies considerably by occupation according to ONS. In Q2, women were only 0.8% of Skilled Trades and 17.5% of Managers & Directors but 81.9% of admin & secretarial jobs.

He points out that it is worth noting that the gender balance in the construction workforce by occupation has changed very little in the last 10 years although there has been a significant increase in the proportion of female managers & directors in construction over the last decade albeit from a low base (from 12.4% to 17.5%).

The Gender Balance at RML

When CEO Simon Kidney and MD Mark Smy bought the business 6 years ago RML had only three female employees across the whole business. We now have 7 just outside Simon’s office alone! Double the whole business amount of Oct 2015, which is simply brilliant.

We are aware of many businesses working hard to redress this balance across the housebuilding sector – and Robinson Manufacturing (RML) is proud that its work to improve the gender balance over the last nearly-six years has resulted in impressive shifts against industry averages at all levels with the business, becoming more balanced and representative of society.”

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