Kickstarter’s Fortnightly Video Call 

RML have supported the Government’s Kickstarter scheme by providing six-month placements to young people up and down the country. To help the Kickstarters settle in at RML, they have a fortnightly video call together. In this call they can learn about each other and understand the different departments of the business.

In current circumstances this helps bring a sense of being part of the RML family, it helps the Kickstarters know that there are other people in the businesses, though they are in different departments, are in the same position as they are.

Kickstarter, Isabelle Bull, has seen the benefit of the call, commenting:

“It was informative knowing what each Kickstarter does and how they feel about coming into the business. It was great to see everybody and being able give feedback of what we have learnt.”

Topics, such as Kickstarters’ mental well-being have been covered, as well as being given the opportunity to ask any questions that the Kickstarters may have.

The weekly takeaways from each session will encourage everyone to test their ability and skills. This provides great learning opportunities. 

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