Claire Watterston – Joist Designer Personal Profile

Ever since RML’s acquisition of National Hickman’s ETFS business and consequently the Wolverhampton and Fife based factories, we have enjoyed integrating a new team of talented employees into the RML family. Although the now established Scotland East Factory in Fife is almost 400 miles away from our Central base, the Scottish team are now integral to the business and maintain consistent contact.

Scotland East consists of a small yet close-knit team who have worked together for many years, one of the team members being I-Joist designer Claire Watterston. With the support of her manager Colin Thomson, Claire is responsible for designing and quoting various projects, whilst also monitoring jobs right up to delivery and assisting with any customer queries thereafter.

The RML Acquisition has been an exciting transition for Claire:

‘One of the most welcome changes from RML is feeling like a family business again and knowing your contributions are appreciated no matter what department you work in.’

An avid baker and mother of two, Claire joined National Hickman in 2006 straight from completing a BSc degree in Architectural Studies. Ever since then, Claire has particularly enjoyed the variety that her role brings, as she could be working on a one-off house one week and a block of flats the next. Claire’s degree and positive attitude has prepared her for any challenges that could come her way in designing, such as tight timescales and the speed projects can move in.

Head of Joist Production in Fife Carol Webb has always recognised Claire’s contributions:

‘Claire has certainly nailed it with the team dynamics, we are very much a team in Fife, from factory floor to office to lorry drivers out on the road. Without each and every one that contributes we wouldn’t be able to offer the excellent service we have been providing to our customers.’

It is clear that what ultimately makes this factory successful is the collaborative work environment and with a new factory in Irvine, Scotland, we look forward to seeing the Northern team’s progress.