Flexible Working in Manufacturing


As a national manufacturing company, RML value flexible working practices for both the benefit of efficiency and employee well-being. This has been heightened during the lockdown period, with employees working from home, changing working patterns or altering their roles.

Flexibility comes in many formats within our business, which has been emphasised in recent months to remain proactive in these unprecedented times:


Flexible schedule

With changing government guidelines and isolation advice, many employees have been in positions of requiring urgent flexibility in their roles, often to cover childcare needs. Where possible, this has meant supporting employees in changes to their working times. As well as the benefits for employees’ work-life balance, this has led to improvements in productivity without a compromise to workloads. 

This is especially prevalent in the case of our Scotland team, who have faced stricter restrictions during lockdown. Our Scotland Production Scheduler Carol Webb has been able to change her working hours to fit around varying childcare needs with the return to school and has been able to complete all work remotely when required.

Flexible working times also mean that employees are able to pick up overtime when required, allowing us to meet increasing customer demand.


Location Flexibility

Although most of our employees have made a return to work with strict social distancing and hygiene measures, working from home was a key part of keeping our business functional throughout lockdown. Employees adjusted to this change in working environment with a positive outlook, maintaining contact with our customers and planning for reopening. 

RML quickly responded to the new working from home dynamic, with communication facilitated via digital platforms. With demand paused through lockdown, many employees also had the chance to focus on other projects. This has put us in a stronger position both now and into the future with any other possible lockdowns.

Remote working is also a regular aspect of many employees’ roles, such as our business development team travelling around the country to meet with customers. As a national business, our Senior Leadership Team in particular work from different offices across all factories to keep communication consistent and evaluate processes. Our dedication to installing electric vehicle charging points at a number of our sites means that Senior Leaders are able to travel freely, with minimum impact to the environment.


Skills and resourcing flexibility

By investing in training and upskilling, we ensure that the right talent is across all domains and employees have the opportunity to develop. In line with employee’s willingness to develop their roles, opportunities are identified in their skill set for cross training or role expansion. Lockdown acted as a trial period for many, as employees who were working from home took on responsibilities from those who were furloughed.

Cross training provides a number of efficiencies in covering staff absences and changes in demand, as has recently been utilised with members of our Customer Experience Team trained on Call-Off tasks. This allows employees to have more diversity in their roles and provides promotion opportunities.

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