Jack Taylor Robinson ApprenticeRobinson Apprentice – My First Month

Firstly, I would like to start off by introducing myself. I’m Jack; a 17 year old apprentice at Robinson Manufacturing Ltd, who has just left sixth form in need of a new start. Initially I went into sixth form with high expectations, but when reality hit, I realised these expectations unfortunately would not be met. On the other hand, I can 100% standby saying that since I started on the 8th of March, the expectations I had of becoming an apprentice at Robinson Manufacturing Ltd were certainly met and greatly exceeded. I will be writing this ‘blog’ on a monthly basis, providing with an insight on what life as an ‘Design Office Apprentice’ is like and providing you with the opportunity to follow me on my journey within the company.

My first month here at the business has been excellent. My main focus initially was to learn the basics of the business and the industry they work within because quite frankly… I knew nothing. Fortunately, I was able to pick up the basics fairly quickly, due to the whole team being extremely helpful and encouraging towards me and especially Roxanne and Matt putting up with my never ending questions of curiosity. I have to say I have been warmly welcomed here and even though I have only been here a short while now, I feel as if I will be well supported and looked after in the foreseeable future.

To start with, I thought I would be running around making everyone cups of tea and coffee, oh how I was wrong. To my surprise everyone is making them for me, although I do feel guilty as I believe it is about time I probably started making some. However, in my defence I have been extremely busy learning new things every day in the workplace. In just 3 ½ weeks I have learnt the basics of the industry and the business, I have learnt how to use Matrix, which is the management information system (MIS), making it pretty much the heart of the whole company. In addition I have learnt how to create and send site packs, how to start interpreting working drawings sent by architects, as well as starting to brush upon doing technical drawings myself. I have been given many responsibilities already in the time I have spent here, significantly enhancing my knowledge and development in such a short period of being here.

I can reassure you, it is a strange feeling telling your parents that you are looking forward to work tomorrow and telling them you are actually enjoying working – I know what you’re thinking, who would have thought that you are allowed to actually enjoy work. Here they have seriously flipped the stereotype of not enjoying work on its head and I think my colleagues here would agree.