Fire Safety Training Refresh At RML Scotland

Over the last year, Matt Davies has been visiting the seven Robinson Manufacturing (RML) sites to refresh fire safety trainings. This is part of maintaining the businesses legal requirements and keeps colleague safety as a top priority.

RML Scotland is the latest site where training has been delivered. Greg Caird, Davie Duffy and Brian Conroy have all become Fire Wardens, where their primary duty is to ensure evacuation of the part of the building they are responsible for. They are also expected to:

  • Not put themselves at risk in carrying out their duties.
  • Check all areas such as rooms, toilets and storerooms within their designated area.
  • Encourage everyone to leave the building by the nearest available exit in an orderly manner and direct people to the appropriate assembly.
  • Not use physical force or become involved in a confrontation if someone refuses to leave the building but to inform the Fire Brigade on their arrival.
  • Report any other problems associated with the evacuation process to the senior person present as well as the HSE manager.
  • Assist designated staff in manning external exits where applicable.

The training also covered in-depth knowledge about how fire operates and how best to tackle an emergency situation, as they are the ones that are reported to in the event of an evacuation.

Greg Caird commented on how “videos and audience participation made the training more engaging and helped the information to be absorbed easier.”

Looking ahead, Matt and the HSEQ team will conduct spot checks to establish if further toolbox talks are required and that all fire safety standards are being upheld. RML Central will be the next site to receive the training and the team can then plan to repeat the process in 3 years.

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