Finedon Hall

Robinson Manufacturing’s (RML) team of innovative designers are always ready for the challenges involved with one-off designs, typically for self-builders or smaller projects. For the latest uniquely designed project, RML designer, Peter Marshall, has taken on a truss design for Finedon Hall.

A unique design such as this brings interesting challenges for our team to solve and to meet customer’s requirements and specifications. However, these challenges bring out the best in our designers. The trusses were of an unusual curved bowstring design to create the rounded finish required.

Peter Marshall, Truss Designer, Comments:

“Having worked on truss designs for 20 years, it is always exciting when the opportunity arises to develop a one-off design. With the assistance of my colleagues, this has been a great project to work on.”

Finedon Hall, which is said to date back to Elizabethan times, and has some interesting history. It was passed down the lines of two families for the majority of its history. The first family was the Mulso’s who occupied the land from the 1400s and built the property sometime between 1550 and 1600. It then passed to the Dolben family, who through marriage became the Mackworth Dolbens, and they kept possession until the 1900s when the last female descendant Ellen died.

In its current Tudor-Gothic style, this country manor house dates to the 1850s. In 1936 use of the hall was given to the Free French and it was used as a rehabilitation facility for allied troops. General Charles de Gaulle even visited the facility, which was being run by Col. Pierre Mallinger, who bought the hall following the war and used it as a base to conduct research into tropical diseases.

With no heirs, the estate was sold off in parcels with the house passing through a number of owners before being bought by developers in 1971 and finally during the 1990s the house (and estate buildings) were converted into apartments.

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