Fairview New Homes Harpenden

Fairview New Homes Ltd is a long-established customer of Robinson Manufacturing, with whom we have built a close working relationship over many years.

fairview new homes HarpendenWe work closely with the architects, engineers and Fairview’s in-house technical team on every project to ensure they have a cost-effective solution that meets their high specifications.

  • Fairview’s floor specification is of a high standard, with reduced deflection limits of 8mm and additional noggins in areas to stiffen up the floor.
  • For Harpenden House, we met with their technical team and helped them to engineer out some expensive steels by using a full attic solution on Block A.
  • Blocks A, B, C, D, E & F all have trusses whilst only A, B & C have Ecojoists.
  • Glulam beams are being used in the floor zones to carry heavy point loads which are being transferred from the roof.

Fairview New Homes describe their development: “Here at the former Harpenden House Hotel, we are creating a prestige collection of unique 2 & 3 bedroom new and refurbished apartments and homes, in perfect harmony with the splendour and style of this delightful location.”

“Harpenden is noted as a green and leafy place, with an unusually large number of parks, greens and commons in and around the town centre. Welcombe House is directly opposite Harpenden Common, a wide green expanse which incorporates 2 cricket clubs, a golf course and a large wildlife protection area, and runs from the centre of the town for more than a mile.”