Factory Visits

Mark Gibson, Management teamFactory visits are an important part of the relationship between Robinson Manufacturing (RML) and its clients. Key Account Director Mark Gibson finds that there are a number of benefits – both for the customer and for RML:

A factory visit to one of our three factories (soon to be four with the new Welsh facility opening in March) achieves a number of objectives for both parties:
  • The visits provide the opportunity to ask the experts questions face to face, aiding understanding of how our expertise can be harnessed more effectively
  • Demonstrates the issues we as a business may face when call offs are cancelled, yard space, and the importance of keeping the factory ticking over weekly
  • Highlights our capacity levels.
  • Allows our clients to see the scale of our environmental policy in action, with recycling and the biomass boilers to name but two.
  • Creates the chance to meet the various teams, and the designers who work with our clients week in, week out.

Mark commented: “This sounds very easy to say, but a factory visit highlights the real size and scale of our operation,” he said. “And lastly, but most importantly, time! Time together with our major clients allows us to understand how we can work better and more efficiently on their designs and products – we can also explain what we may find difficult; and streamline the relationship!”