Every month, Robinson Manufacturing rewards a member of staff who has done something exceptional, whether that’s to help colleagues or customers.

Nominations can be made by any of our colleagues, and the winner is chosen by the leadership team.

For March, the award winners are:

Winner Nominated by Reason for nomination
Jo Parr Mark Gibson Throughout the ETFS Acquisition she has delivered training, inspired the new team to ensure their ways of working are in line with our customer journey and values, and has been innovative in ensuring that the training is understood and smooth from the off. Her simple, but effective way of explaining things have hugely helped. Additionally, spent time away in Wolverhampton, and Cheshire to make sure all understand the role, and ways to capture / report on all the data we need weekly.
Maciej Glinkski Greg Farrar He used his skills to undertake service and repair on one of the presses in advance of their high week of production, delivering savings and facilitate a mammoth week for the site and Company.
Mark Andrews Sarah Horden Great team work and working to the best of his ability, coming into the design office on multiple occasions to ensure that the drilling is correct for the shop floor and also helping out to arrange a delivery that needed to go out asap and keeping us up to date on the work and when it would go out to site.
Damian St Remaine & Danny Houghton Wendy Spiller-Birch For all their had work hand picking timbers when the sideloader wasn’t available for 2 weeks.
Amy Crook Anthony Moreton Amy has taken ownership of the order processing side of things & more recently the extra orders. She has picked up TSM very well and is often the go to person with any related queries. She has been the one of the main links between processing orders & call-off’s whenever there are any issues. She is a credit to the office & will help anyone often going the extra mile to help.
Colin Thompson Carol Webb Colin has assisted with all things IT during the transition, and has made the process very smooth, working with our central IT team to ensure a smooth changeover

This month’s awards were as well earned as ever – congratulations!

How do we choose the Extra Mile Award recipients?

The concept of recognising our employees for going above and beyond their day to day job responsibilities with the Extra Mile Awards has recently been reviewed to align it with our Staff Charter.

This gives us a strong and consistent foundation for how we base our nominations, which – by linking our staff and customer value – are now considered against the following criteria:

  • Innovate
  • Deliver
  • Inspire