Every month, Robinson Manufacturing rewards a member of staff who has done something exceptional, whether that’s to help colleagues or customers.

Nominations can be made by any of our colleagues, and the winner is chosen by the leadership team.

For January, the award winners are:

  • Ged May – nominated by Glyn Hilson – During the last couple of months, he has been coming in early to assist John with loading all vehicles, not just his own. He also helps out in the factory/yard when he returns in the afternoons
  • Nathan Thomas – nominated by Mike Collins – He is my newest starter here and has fitted in really well, does everything we ask him to and willing to help out in any area when needed. Since joining us, he has become one of our first aiders. He is on the forklift, picking for the saw and helping out picking ancil timber and metalwork if needed.
  • Alex Blythe – nominated by Greg Farrar – helping us deliver by sorting out the yard. Innovating by seeing opportunities and getting benefits in a number of areas in what is now a very tidy operation out there.

This month’s awards were as well earned as ever – congratulations!

How do we choose the Extra Mile Award recipients?

The concept of recognising our employees for going above and beyond their day to day job responsibilities with the Extra Mile Awards has recently been reviewed to align it with our Staff Charter.

This gives us a strong and consistent foundation for how we base our nominations, which – by linking our staff and customer value – are now considered against the following criteria:

  • Innovate
  • Deliver
  • Inspire

Each nomination must be supported by an explanation of how the individual has met the above criteria providing a real sense of the objectives, the performance delivered, other people involved, and the successful achievements or resulting positive impact.

We are aware that Extra Mile is well received by staff and there’s always an interest in seeing who’s receiving the award so we have now opened the process up so that any member of staff can nominate a colleague.