Extra Benefits for RML Fleet DriversExtra Benefits for RML Fleet Drivers

As from Thursday 25th April, RML have opened a Snap Cashless Parking Account allowing Drivers who stay overnight in their vehicle to use the Snap secure parking network. The company has sites all over the country which works well for our network of 7 factories across the UK.

The decision was agreed that now RML are operating an increased fleet of vehicles on ‘nights out’. The facilities would provide welcome respite to drivers who have been on the road all day. SNAP sites provide secure, safe and clean facilities for our drivers to rest overnight, have a shower and get something to eat. Plus, this type of secure off-road parking will protect against diesel syphoning, damage to vehicles and theft of stock.

Initial feedback from drivers who have taken advantage the these facilities has been very positive, and would certainly seem to be a ‘thumbs up’ for the safety and wellbeing of our drivers.

Chris Alldread, Head of Logistics