This week we were proud to take delivery of two IOSH Leading Safely certificates bearing the names of our Managing Director Mark Smy and Chief Operating Officer Simon Kidney.

Excellence As Standard: Safer Factory Leadership

Continuing our practise of going beyond compliance and producing excellence as standard, in May of this year Mr’s Smy and Kidney prioritised the welfare and safer working practise of all RML staff by spending a day learning new leadership techniques which can be applied throughout the Company; from a health and safety perspective said lessons will manifest in safer factory leadership throughout all our sites across the UK.

IOSH – the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health – is the world’s biggest professional health and safety membership organisation. As such, recognition from that body once again demonstrates the top-down commitment shown throughout RML to show leadership commitment in reducing risk and providing a safer working environment for every member of the team.

It has been pleasing to see parallels of leadership between ourselves and electric car trail-blazers Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk who just days after our team attended their course, emailed his staff stating a commitment to a hands-on interaction with the health and safety function on the production line at their Fremont factory.

MD Mark Smy commented “We are committed to achieving even safer factory conditions as we strive to hit our ambitious growth targets this year and in the future. By attending this course, Simon and myself along with the rest of the senior leadership team by proxy, are prioritising learning and personal development across the workforce to assist us in this goal.”

From the perspective of Risk Business Partner, it generates huge confidence in the ethos of the Company and its Directors to see such displays of leadership. Safer workers are happier in their role leading to increased factory productivity – a concise demonstration of leadership in action.