Our team continue to explore new ways to share knowledge with our customer base on the RML “Excellence as Standard” ethos in production of quality truss and joist products.

Excellence as Standard

Senior Leadership Team member Greg Farrar (Risk Business Partner) shares insight into the area of compliance and health and safety in a new blog stream.

Focusing on how quality standards are central to all processes within the business, Greg takes the opportunity to shed light on the ways in which all of the RML team work with the customer journey in mind in the production of quality joists and trusses.

excellence as standard - Greg Farrar

Greg Farrar, Risk Business Partner

As a trusted manufacturer of quality structural timber products, compliance with rigorous quality standards forms the foundation of everything we produce. So “Excellence as Standard” is more than just a buzz word, it is a way of working right across our business.

Our team set about this task mindful of PEFC and CE requirements from the purchase of certified materials, in design and sales, manufacture process and through to distribution; always mindful of the requirements of our customers.

As well as this, the leadership team are increasingly enthusiastic in their promotion of a strong health and safety culture across all four of our manufacturing sites in south Wales, the Midlands and the South East.

Beyond the legal requirements of health and safety regulation, RML are passionate about achieving more than mere compliance and as such target excellence as standard, a goal demonstrated by Greg’s appointment at the beginning of the year.

In these posts, Greg aims to demonstrate the relevance of safety within RML’s values and practises. Beyond this he hopes to surprise customers at the variety of sources from which information and inspiration are drawn in ensuring that safety remains a vibrant topic that helps the team go beyond basic standards of compliance.