How Do We Manage Your Work?

At Robinson Manufacturing we are constantly striving to build new relationships and exceed our existing customer’s expectations.  The cost of the products will only go so far to impress and we rely heavily on our high level of service to create separation from our competitors.  A major part of this service is making sure that your trusses arrive when you expect them. So how do we know how many trusses we can make in a given amount of time when there is an almost infinite combination of web configurations and sizes?

Equivalent Fink

We use a system of work units called EFs.  This acronym stands for Equivalent Fink and we use it as a measure of time of how long it would take the factory to produce 1no. fink truss at 7200mm span. 30° and one bottom chord splice.


ef2Fink Truss

Once this base measurement of time is known it can be allocated to any of the procedures required to manufacture your trusses.  This will start with what’s known as the Set up.  This is the process of marking in the timber positions on our press table according to the detailed coordinates generated by the GNRoof program.  Our factory also use jig clamps and buttons on the press table to ensure that every truss manufactured is identical to the one before and the one after.  The team will next mark in the positions of all the connector plates directly onto the press table to ensure that no movement can occur throughout the manufacturing process.

A Connector Plate Set Up Ready For Timber

Once the table has been prepared, it is then loaded with all the timber components required to make each truss.  Only once the table has been fully loaded can the set up be deemed to be complete.  This all must take place whether we are making you one or fifty trusses and in terms of EF’s, could be anywhere from 10 EFs to 50 EFs! So, in the time it takes the team to set up for one truss run, they could have made 10no. of the Equivalent Fink trusses.  Where a more complicated set up is required, more EFs are allocated to it.

Next comes the actual pressing stage of the manufacture.  We expect that a 7200mm, 30° truss will take approximately 2 minutes to make from placing the first section of timber in the jig, positioning all of the connector plates, pressing the plates into the timber to finally lifting the completed truss out of the jig.

So, we could say that to make 15no. trusses at 7200mm would take approximately 30 minutes and the set up of 10 EFs would take around 20 minutes, a total of 50 minutes.  With these basic calculations and the knowledge of the capacity of our factories, we can be sure of how many ‘equivalent finks’ we could manufacture in a week.  At Wellingborough alone, this is now more than 5000.

For all the roofs we have scheduled in any given week, we assign it an EF figure to complete the job.  Using these figures, I can plan the deliveries for each day around your delivery requirements as well as the workload going through the factory, ensuring that neither are over-stretched.