Anna Kennedy HR ManagerCreating an Enjoyable Place to Work

Last month I wrote about the TUPE process following the acquisition of ETFS. Now the formal process is complete our attentions have turned to the transition process and ensuring the two cultures combine to provide an enjoyable place to work, and as a result, offer the best possible service as we move forward as a larger entity.

Communication is still a main area of focus to ensure that everyone knows what is going on, and that everyone is working towards the same goal  – and also for employee engagement. This is just as important for existing RML staff as it is for the ETFS staff that transferred across.

Everyone’s attitude from the start of the acquisition has been extremely positive and have gone over and above to keep business going, while adjusting to the changes. Our Leaders have a responsibility to ensure that this continues once the dust settles and things settle down to a more normal level.

While there have been system changes and the expected teething problems that come from combining two businesses, everyone has pulled together to ensure that all challenges have been overcome and learned from. The discretionary effort and commitment has been incredible and there is a combined desire to help everyone to ensure the business is successful

We maintain the SLT presence at all sites to ensure we continue to drive the right behaviours through the business. We understand how important it is for employee’s to have access to all levels of management, not only through periods of change, but ongoing. This also allows Leaders to keep close to the staff and practices so they are well connected with the business.

While it is early days in the transition, the efforts of everyone have been apparent and we will continue to build on the characteristics the workforce have shown to ensure that continues. We also continue to review HR initiatives to ensure we maintain and improve levels of employee engagement as we recognise this is the key to a successful business.

Anna Kennedy, HR Manager