Engaging with Colleagues through the Lockdown

Since the first day of lockdown, with all our colleagues not able to come to their normal place of work, CEO Simon Kidney has driven the need to maintain engagement with all our people, whether they are able to do their normal daily work from home of not.

While there is plenty of help and support out there for our teams, not least through line management and the company’s employee assistance programmes, Robinson Manufacturing still retains the family business ethos driven by founder Tim Robinson.

“Across departments, sites, and the business as a whole, familiarity, communication and teamwork bind us together during normal times,” explained Simon. “But these times are far from normal so we decided an extraordinary response was called for. Starting with our commitment to a daily vlog, which goes out to all our colleagues, we are pulling together a programme of activities designed to support and provide useful activities for our colleagues, as well as competitive activities and those designed to get people laughing through serious times.”

The programme will include live yoga sessions, competitive quizzes, interactive video tasks and many more – here’s the first employee vlog!


And how are staff responding? Here’s an example: