RML Employee’s Good Deeds of Lockdown

With some of our employees on furlough leave during the COVID-19 isolation period, they are putting their time to good use and contributing to charities, key workers well being, the NHS and their local community. Below we have summarised our employees good deeds, to bring some positivity into this difficult time and celebrate the good will of our employees.


Hand made jewellery for charity

Anne-Marie’s handmade jewellery

Our Production Co-ordinator Anne-Marie Phillips has been utilising her time in lockdown by focusing on her skils of making hand made jewellery. She ordinarily donates to charities and in this instance the proceeds will go to St Joseph’s Hospice, Hackney, London. They looked after her sister back in 2016 before she sadly passed away from breast cancer.

If anyone would like to purchase any they can contact Anne-Marie on – annemariephillips64@gmail.com




Afternoon Tea – Delivered!

Jasons partner ready to deliver the coffee morning treats

Our Key Account Manager Jason Dorks and his partner ordinarily run a coffee morning once a month in their village, but under current circumstances they couldn’t have everyone meeting up in close proximity.

Instead, they took the time to source and deliver the goods which would normally be enjoyed at the coffee to neighbour’s doorsteps. It is fantastic to see the community spirit grow when it is needed most.



Knitting Nurses

Wendys Knitted Nurses

Our Production Assistant at our Central Factory has been hard at work knitting these charming pieces for nurses who work with children with disabilities.

Something to brighten up spirits for healthcare workers whilst also keeping Wendy’s mind active whilst away from work!


One for wildlife

Initiative by Kettering and Corby council to protect the bee population

Rian Underwood from Flooring Central has a passion for wildlife and photography, regularly posting updates to his twitter following.

After tweeting his praise for this initiative by Kettering and Corby council to create a ‘bee haven’, his tweet gained received over 16,000 likes. Also making it into the Northamptonshire Telegraph, this has urged many other people to put forward the idea to their local council.




Supplying the community

Matt Korny – Head of Truss Design

Our Head of Truss Design Matt Korny is providing assistance to the residents of his village in Cambridgeshire. Within the village there is an emergency supplies box for the elderly, outside the general store. The people who run the store have done a brilliant job of keeping it stocked for locals who can’t travel easily, and have an emergency box for people to contribute. 

Matt and his family bought a big bag full of cleaning products – as they said that would be very helpful – and toothpaste etc. Topping this up last week, his family have assured they are willing to provide anything needed.



We have encouraged our employees to volunteer their help in any way they can during this time and we are incredibly proud to see the positive effects of these good deeds on the community.

If you have a development project you’d like to talk to our timber frame team about, email sales@rmuk.co.uk or call us on 01933 279597.