Recruitment Referral Scheme

Employee Referral Scheme

Due to company expansion, we have increased recruitment levels dramatically over the last six months. As part of our recruitment strategy; in October 2018 we launched an employee referral scheme to assist with attracting potential candidates.

The benefits of the employee referral scheme includes:

  • Securing higher quality candidates – the employee will understand the skills and qualifications needed for the role. Also the candidate will reflect on the employee and will therefore be carefully considered
  • Reaching passive candidates – contacting individuals who may be open to changing jobs, but aren’t actively searching for opportunities
  • Higher retention levels – the candidate will have a true picture of the company, position and responsibilities
  • Improved company culture – employees are likely to refer people with similar values to theirs and that they feel would be a good fit
  • Reduced costs – as it cuts steps out of the process saving time and money, as well as the longer term savings from reduced staff turnover
  • Staff engagement – the opportunity to be involved and contribute to the company can add to levels of engagement.

We have received lots of positive feedback and engagement with the scheme. Since October, 14 individuals have been recruited through the referral scheme, with four completing their trial periods so far. We are confident that the success of the scheme will continue and will add value to the future business.

Anna Kennedy, Head of HR